Project engineering

Our team of experienced technicians and programmers delivers competent solutions. We undertake the complete project engineering/programming based on the process control system software Step5, Step7, WinCC/PCS7, MicroWin and Logosoft.

We provide support in developing and implementing solutions to problems in industrial function areas. Advice is given objectively – regardless of manufacturer and make.

Our services

  • Compilation / modification / analysis of programs
  • System solutions / substitute solutions (workstation conversions), alternative monitor-printer solutions
  • Planning and implementation of system modifications
  • Planning and implementation of system extensions
  • Planning and implementation of new systems
  • Workstation extensions via fibre-optic cable, etc.
  • Advice on the subject of bus systems
  • Advice / support when selecting a product for process control systems

Completed projects

Do you have any questions or require further information concerning our services? We will be glad to help.

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